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About Us

About Chester European Automotive

We use an industry standard formula to calculate labour cost per job, not per hour. All costs are kept competitive, OEM parts or equivilant. By equivialant, I mean some aftermarket parts are all that are available now, especially for older VWs. But be rest assured I won’t install any part on your vehicle that I wouldn’t install on my own vehicle.

We don’t install customer supplied parts, for several reasons. First of all we can’t control the quality and we protect our great reputation by making sure the best parts available are on your vehicle. Second, our business model requires 2 income sources in order to be successful, so if we remove the profit from the part sale, we need to charge more for the labour portion to meet the target to keep our bills paid. Lastly our insurance considers it a higher liability risk and prevents us from not having control over the parts we install.

Some jobs are easy to quote, like timing belt replacement, scheduled services and oil changes, just to name a few. Other jobs like engine conversions, fabrication, even a thorough brake job often can’t be quoted as accurately, I will do my best to keep all repairs and services in a reasonable budget. As always your vehicle has the last word on the cost.

I’ve been in this industry a long time, more than 30 years, I know what it takes to fix your car or van without cutting corners, and I’ll keep you in the ‘loop’ so you won’t be surprised by the bill.